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List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop The June bunny looooooves new fabrics and panels and kits and patterns. So where it is? Right under the What's New tab. List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop

Sorry everyone for the late update... but the lab boys over here are up to their stupid antics and they're beginning to get out of hand.  Case in point... Look at the clue next to the bunny image.  Now read it very carefully.  First of all, they misspelled love.  I'm mean seriously? How do you misspell love?  And then there is the misleading clue.  Of which I'm surprised that we haven't received a dump truck full of hate mail for it yet.  Look what it says.  Right under the What's New tab.  Okay... let's play along.  I go up to the What's New tab and then directly under it.  Right?  That's what it says right?  Okay.  Directly under it is the category of Long Arm Services.  Perfect!  That must be where the bunny is right?  Right?  WRONG!!! It's nothing!  It loops back to the home page.  What the heck are these lab geeks doing to me?  I tried to call a meeting with them to discuss their childish behaviors and this is what walks into the conference room.
Yup...  apparently I work with a bunch of monkeys.  And to make matters worse, they didn't even get the new girl a matching mask.  It's amazing how this network even stays operational.  I think I'm going to start paying them with bananas from now on.

Now then... to set the records straight.  The June member of the bunny mafia is located WITHIN the "What's New" page... not under it.  So please click on the link that says "What's New", locate the June bunny, and then report his location to the Fabshophop authorities.  I do try to apologize for the behavior of the lab techs as best I can, but sometimes you just have to shake your head and just leave them to deal with their own consequences.  Until I can get some order and decorum within these walls, I'm going to have to take away their stupid masks.  Okay then, while take care of the kids, you all take care of the June bunny.  Remember... it's within the "What's New" link.  Follow that and report in... it's that simple.

And with that... I'm going to go spend some time with the lab techs.

EBN News Anchor,
List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop


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