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And no... this one doesn't have anything to do with the Bunny Mafia.  But it does have everything to do with saving money.  Now if you don't want to save any money... please stop reading now and proceed to paying full price for everything. (calming music as we wait while they leave)
Are they gone?  Go ahead, take a look around to make sure.  EXCELLENT!!  Now that just the sane and clear headed people remain, I have some important news for you.  Make sure to stop by the FABRIC PANELS for some incredible savings.  We just went through our online inventory and reduced prices on dozens (that's more than 12 for those of you that haven't had that first cup of coffee yet) of great fabric panels.  If you have some random fabric laying around and you just don't have a good project for them (and from what I hear... that's all of you), a new fabric panel may be just the ticket to spark your new project.  Or you can just save a ton of money and add to your fabric stash. (That's what my mom does)
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(is it supposed to hurt when you type?)

           of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop   List 
           of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop   List 
           of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop   List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop

First things first... aren't children supposed to love and care for their parents?  Right?  That's how it's supposed to be right?  Why am I asking this?  Why so many questions?  Settle down my friends... answers are coming up fast and hot.  Okay... for one, I apologize for being a couple of days late on the EBN update.  I do have a solid and 100% viable reason.  My son is trying to kill me.  Now don't get the wrong idea... he's not working for the bunny mafia or trying to get his $12.57 inheritance early.  It's far more sinister and evil than that. (cue dramatic music... dim the lights)  He has made me join the gym with him.  I hurt in parts of my body that I forgot I even had... pretty sure I found some new parts to hurt as well. UGH!  I'm now 100% sure that ellipticals and treadmills are tools designed by the devil himself!  I give you these pieces of evidence...


Now being a fair man... I thought that maybe I can turn this into a company wide positive movement.  I asked all the members of the EBN team to join with me.  Granted, the lab geeks were quick to decline.  The field investigators all said that they get enough of a workout chasing down leads and dodging the bunny mafia members while they are gaining our intelligence.  And just when all hope seemed to be lost... one member stands tall.  One member of the team raised their hand in glorious pride.  One member returns to us from where ever she was hiding.  THAT'S RIGHT!!!!  Our Bingo Lady has returned!
Ummm... I don't think she understands the concept of what's supposed to happen at a gym.  This corporate membership may not last very long at this rate.

Anyway... as I sit in pain, and type in pain, and breathe in pain... I bring forth information on the November member of the bunny mafia.  Kristoph is said to be lurking through the "Quilting Kits" area.  We don't know what he is doing there or for how long (I'm going to guess about a month) but lets not allow this opportunity to go waste.  Rush to the "Quilting Kits" area, report Kristoph's location to the Fabshophop authorities, stick around to make fun of the silly pictures, and then maybe make a purchase or two.  However you plan on doing things, just make sure to report the location of the bunny.  That's what I'm here for.  So my friends... as you do... that voodoo... that you do... so well.  I'm going to lay down and try not to cry while I hurt.  People actually say they enjoy doing this gym stuff... and you all think I'M the crazy one.

Stay vigil my friends... (is it supposed to hurt when you blink?)

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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